Our Services

We begin each client relationship with an initial consultation during which we ask questions, listen to you and learn about your goals, concerns and risk tolerance. Based on your needs and desires, we provide the following services, among others:

  • Asset Cycle Portfolio System®. Many folks feel their investment accounts are like a puzzle dumped out on the table meaning they aren't sure how they will all fit together. Our Asset Cycle design plan can help you understand how each of your financial assets fits together efficiently so that you can complete your entire financial picture.  A “job description” is assigned to each investment so that you know how and when each will be used and will know exactly why you own what you own.
  • Income Replacement Needs Assessment. In your retirement years it is necessary to replace the paycheck you were used to receiving during the accumulation years. This new retirement paycheck must be reliable, predictable, and sustainable for the rest of your life. As part of your overall plan we will show you how to create this paycheck and how to make it last for your lifetime and that of a spouse.
  • Beneficiary Review. It is crucial in financial planning to understand the various ways in which your assets can pass to a spouse and/or your children. We will discuss the concepts with which you need to be familiar to avoid potential large tax losses or accidently disinheriting a family member.
  • IRA distribution tax reduction. We will help you understand and implement concepts and strategies that may allow you to substantially reduce or eliminate income tax on your retirement plans and IRA distributions.
  • Investment portfolio management. Based on your plan which includes circumstances, such as age, income requirements, net worth and risk tolerance, we assist you in choosing appropriate investments to complete your plan. Refer to the Asset Cycle Portfolio System above.
  • Income tax and Social Security analysis. Did you know that a married couple has up to 81 different ways in which to claim their social security? We will sort through all of this for you to provide you with a Social Security strategy with the goal of providing you the greatest overall retirement income. Through this analysis, we also determine if you may be able to reduce federal income taxes and will evaluate how to coordinate your income with Social Security benefits to potentially reduce the tax on both.
  • Long-term care cost benefit analysis. We assist you in making an informed decision regarding how to better protect your assets while helping you and/or your spouse design a plan with the goal of providing the necessary care to maintain a dignified lifestyle.
  • Financial estate enhancement and preservation. Depending on your situation, your retirement accounts may possibly be reduced by as much as 70% from taxes when you pass wealth from one generation to the next. We suggest strategies to help maximize your legacy and reduce taxes, especially on your IRA distribution.*
  • Pension Maximization Analysis. If you are about to receive a pension the number of choices from which to choose can be a daunting task. Let us provide analysis of the various choices so that you can be more confident in your decision.
  • Life insurance audit and repair. We analyze your life insurance based on your needs with the goal of increasing coverage and potential guarantees with no additional premiums.

We have offices conveniently located in Birdsboro, PA within Berks County and in Allentown, PA within Lehigh County. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation. We look forward to serving you.

* Earl D. Schultz is not an attorney. Please consult an estate planning attorney with any estate planning issues. 

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